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Chat To Text App For FaceBook

Ok folks, I’m on the fence about this new chat to text application for FaceBook but it’s worth mentioning considering the STAGGERING amount of traffic that social site commands on a daily basis (Has likely crushed myspace in terms of daily unique visits and time spent per visit). Two brilliant dudes out of Florida have created a new application which enhances the ability for users to connect with people directly from their facebook app to their friends via SMS or text messages to their handheld device. Whether or not this is actually useful remains to be seen, but the target demographic is obviously for those who live and die by what they stick on their facebook profiles. Considering I log into facebook maybe once or twice a month (maybe more now that I’m developing apps for facebook myself), it doesn’t necessarily appeal to me, but the monetization model behind it is nothing short of brilliant and despite it’s MLM like structure, it is definitely one of those cool facebook apps that have developers salivating considering the earning potential.

View Video On Chat To TextRead more of Chat To Text App For FaceBook

PPC WebSpy – This tool is INSANE

After using the PPC WebSpy tool that Brad Callen has been giving away, I have found some UNBELIEVABLE sets of keywords and some unbelievably STUPID adwords advertisers that are literally throwing money into the toilet with their campaigns. It often amazes me how many people literally have NO FRIGGEN CLUE how to advertise on Google Adwords. Using some nifty adwords spytools, we can uncover what these idiots are doing and PPC WebSpy is definitely one of the more useful tools…… Read more of PPC WebSpy - This tool is INSANE

Niche Blueprint Review

Over the last couple weeks, I’ve been following what Steve is teaching within the Niche Blueprint system. The great thing about their course is they are releasing each module spread out over time as opposed to dumping the whole thing your lap and just assuming you’ll follow along. Using the “delayed delivery” approach, they can assess where people are having questions and adapt the next module to answer those specific questions or revisit the previous module to fill in the gaps – it’s brilliant and something most other ‘blueprints’ aren’t doing.

At this point of the Niche BluePrint course, they’re up to module 5. The previous sections covered are listed below.… Read more of Niche Blueprint Review

Tavis Explains Search Engine Optimization / SEO

Following up my last post about the “Smartest Guy On The Web” experiment, some people have emailed me and asked what exactly is SEO or search engine optimization – in simple terms.

In a nutshell, it’s basically the process of selecting the most appropriate targeted keyword(s) and keyword phrases related to your product, service, article, promotional offer, etc etc and ensuring that this particular phrase is going to actually appear in the search results when someone searches for your stuff. There’s absolutely no point in having the prettiest/coolest/most colorful/(insert appropriate adjective here) website in the world if nobody is ever going to find you.

**SEO News Flash !**

Looks like Phil Henderson has pretty much revealed EVERYTHING I’ve talked about in their Stupidly Simple SEO search engine optimization guide.

Check it out here: Stupidly Simple SEO