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Mobile marketing isn’t optional any more…

This is an outstanding article about where eCommerce is headed and how the web is converging from desktop to mobile phone… Oh the possiblities…

By Mitch Joel, Vancouver Sun January 16, 2009

A long while back, I made a decision to make the switch from marketing on the Internet to the amazing and unchartered world of mobile. Slowly, the adoption of people using their phones on the go was becoming more commonplace. The devices no longer looked like someone was screaming into a cream-coloured brick, and the idea of sending short text messages via these devices was taking off with a new wave of communications in places like Japan and Korea. It was starting to no longer be frowned upon or considered rude when a telephone was ringing during a romantic dinner at a restaurant. Can you remember the good ole’ days when someone was considered a crazy person if they were seen talking to themselves in a car?… Read more of Mobile marketing isn't optional any more...

PPC WebSpy Review

These are just some of the powerful features that the free PPC WebSpy tool includes:

– The Cost Per Click, or amount your competitors are paying for each keywords they’re bidding on
– The total daily amount your competition is spending via Google Adwords
– The actual Adwords ads your competitors have written for each keyword
– Your competitor’s Adwords rank,so you’ll be able to determine how much money you should be spending to get your site to a similar rank and expect similar results.… Read more of PPC WebSpy Review

PPC WebSpy – Download Immediately And Use For Free !

PPCWebSpy is a revolutionary new tool that will change the way keyword research and competition spying is done! Forget about a clunky desktop application that needs to take up more room on your computer, this baby runs as a very lightweight plugin that actually runs INSIDE of your FireFox web browser. Access the tool, anywhere, anytime.

With this powerful plugin, you’ll be able to uncover unbelievably useful data about your competition, and how they’re making money online via paid advertising. Moreso than ANY other current tool on the market – and you’ll be able to do it as you simply browse the internet search listings in real time!

With the information PPC Web Spy provides, you’ll be able to swipe your competitors keywords and leverage all the time… Read more of PPC WebSpy - Download Immediately And Use For Free !

Niche BluePrint Launch Update

Just a quick update on the Niche Blueprint launch…

The site went live 6 hours ago now and the conversions were totally insane!

Basically they had no idea how fast this would sell and they are in the process of shutting it down at midnight tonight.    So many people have bought the product that they have hired 4 more people to help with the support and helpdesk which says a lot of about Steve and Tim and how they run their business and treat their customers. 

I heard a few people had a little bit of trouble getting in during the first hour and we want to give them another chance so they have left the site accepting orders until tonight.

However, if you don’t choose to take… Read more of Niche BluePrint Launch Update