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SEO Equalizer by XyberCode

SEO Equalizer Ticks off Two Major Search Engines!

I have to be very careful because what I’m about to tell you. This has upset the two biggest search engines and a major affiliate company in just a few months.

You see, SEO Equalizer really takes the mystery on how to get good generic, no cost rankings from major search engines and even the smaller, second tier ones as well.

I have used this for several months and generated literally tens of thousands of visitors to my sites… Best part, I don’t have to pay for those visitors. In fact you may have landed on this very page because of a couple of my promotions for various product launches.… Read more of SEO Equalizer by XyberCode

Pay Per Click Formula 2 Course Overview

I emailed Gauher this week and got the ok to reveal the content headings that will be covered in the Pay Per Click Formula 2.0 Course.  Within each individual module is a ton of other juicy info that will be shown during the product launch.

Pay Per Click Formula 2.0 Video & Free Report!!

Here’s a broadstroke overview and be sure to subscribe to my newsletter for more updates on the actual content of each module!  (can’t show it in public unless you’re a PPCF member or a subscriber)… Read more of Pay Per Click Formula 2 Course Overview

PPC Classroom 2.0 Reopening Their Doors!

PPC Classroom 2 is about to reopen their doors on February 24th, 2009. Amit Mehta’s original PPC Classroom was released back in September 2007 and was a huge hit that broke many sales records and it’s is well documented all over the web from many satisfied students. Since then, over 1500 marketers have learned how to use PPC pay per click search marketing to earn consistent affiliate commissions. This time around, it will be even bigger and better! It has 9 training modules and each module includes 3 videos and pdf files.

Having said that, PPC Classroom 2 is in fact online service and further PPC training modules and teleseminars are delivered to you every month. Amit has already established himself for sometime now as a reputable business owner in the online community and he has a great history of helping people in the original PPC classroom. He has developed the most comprehensive guide to keyword research that I’ve seen in any product of this type. He literally spills all his secrets to mining keywords, going broad on long tail terms and finding unique search terms that you probably would have never even considered.… Read more of PPC Classroom 2.0 Reopening Their Doors!

PPC Classroom 2 Free Report!

In the world of internet marketing, there’s a new product that is launched every week (maybe even every day). I know you know about it because you get the e-mails. I’m not saying that all or even any of these products are bad.

Check out PPC Classroom 2.0

Most are probably great in their own light. But, here’s one thing that really bothers me about ALL these products.

So, the goal of the product is to teach “US” how to make money, right? Yet, they sell the products based on how much that “GURU” is earning?

Again, I’m not saying that the guru doesn’t make that much money, I’m sure he/she does.   However, how does that help “me?”… Read more of PPC Classroom 2 Free Report!