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StatsJunky Backdoor Offer

Now you can see all your affiliate and PPC stats in
one place. It’s tracking software that’s specifically
designed for PPC and affiliate marketers.

All the biggies like Google AdWords, Yahoo Search
Marketing and Microsoft AdCenter are covered.
So are the affiliate networks like Commission
Junction, Clickbank, LinkShare, Neverblue, Click
Booth, Azoogle Ads and more.

It’s totally secure and designed with your safety in
mind. It boasts 128 bit encryption and all data is
stored on your computer, not online.

Now you can stop wasting time, checking your
stats. It displays and tracks all your PPC advertising
campaigns and affiliate program statistics in real
time, on a single screen.

See at a glance all your clicks, leads, sales and
refunds, without having to log into each… Read more of StatsJunky Backdoor Offer

Exit Popup Script

Do those annoying Exit Popup boxes work?

Well, although I haven’t implemented them on this particular blog (yet), according to all the stats I’ve read and just the sheer simple logic behind them, it’s hard to argue that Exit Popups will in fact convert a large share of your visitors without ANY additional effort on  your part.  If you have a website or blog or an adsense site or a PPC landing page or Squeeze page, etc etc etc – just think how many of your visitors (that you worked so hard to get to land on your page) are just clicking the back button – poof!   GONE! – probably never to be seen again.  However, if you present to them something very compelling at… Read more of Exit Popup Script

CPA Performance Trends on the Google Content Network

The Google Content Network is the world’s #1 ad network, reaching more than 80% of global internet users. Six billion ad impressions are served each day across hundreds of thousands of content network websites. Thousands of AdWords advertisers place ads on the Content Network to complement their search marketing campaigns on and the rest of the Google search network.

How do Content Network ads perform for advertisers? Google recently analyzed conversions, cost, and cost-per-acquisition (CPA) on the Content Network, and compared them to performance metrics on the search network across thousands of campaigns and many geographic regions.

Download the following white paper to learn more about the findings from this analysis:

PPC Ninja

PPC Ninja is yet another PPC to CPA course by Christian Weselak.    PPC Ninja is a great complement to Gauher’s Pay Per Click Formula 2.0. I won’t get into too many details as both the links provided give more than enough detail and both of these fellow Canadians know their stuff when it comes to PPC to CPA marketing.