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SEM Business Blueprint

SEM Business Blueprint Video

SEM Blueprint BoxSteve Clayton and Tim Godfrey, both professional search engine marketing (SEM) experts, have just released their 5 stage business blueprint for dominating your LOCAL search engine marketing efforts. If you haven’t heard of them, they are the guys that released the Commission Blueprint awhile back.

I would imagine this product will contain a lot of material that is going to be based loosely on Howie Schwartz’s Private Apprentice program which was a huge success. These methods are rock solid and have done wonders for my business – for example the recent PPC Bully 2.0 launch.… Read more of SEM Business Blueprint

Speed PPC 40% Discount! 3 Days Only

Starts: Midnight, Monday 22 June 2009 EST
Ends: Midnight, Thursday 25 June 2009 EST

Over at SpeedPPC, they’re celebrating the end of their Aussie financial year with a massive sale for 3 days only.

With a huge 40% discount on their top-of-the-line package SpeedPPC Affiliate Pro, you’ll save almost $200 off the normal price. You can use your savings to kick off your PPC campaigns or splurge it…

To sweeten the deal even more, the first 50 people will get hold of a new bonus that’s being offered for the very first time – SpeedPPC’s Wordpress Dynamic Landing Page plug-in.

This exclusive plug-in enables you to dynamically target your WordPress landing pages using various page templates. You can also perfect your targeting using multiple dynamic values… Read more of Speed PPC 40% Discount! 3 Days Only

CPA Ninja Training Webinar – Don’t Pet The Sweaty Things..

*CPA Ninja Bonus Will Be Announced Via Newsletter* >>

**I have to do this so unscrupulous bastards don’t steal any of my ideas for my bonus! I’ll present via a video as it’s way more personable and you’ll see I’m not some guru hiding behind some pseudo $2997 (so-called) real value offer – aka pile of useless crap – and other sites don’t even HAVE a

CPA Ninja Video #2 – Nice Ride Amish…

If you don’t know who Matt Trainer, Amish Shah and Marty Rozmanith are, you haven’t been following the PPC / CPA / WordPress marketing world for very long have you? 😉

All hype aside (I hate fricken hype), the following video featuring Amish is pretty damn compelling. I’ve emailed back and forth with both Matt and Amish and they’re both laid back, cool cats – and they definitely know what the fack they are doing. If anything, check out the video just so you can ogle at Amish’s car 😉 If you implement the shiznit these guys talk about, you could be behind the wheel of one of these yourself… dare to dream… oh dare to dream…

** Full disclosure (I bet you haven’t seen any other “guru”… Read more of CPA Ninja Video #2 - Nice Ride Amish...