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YouTube – The Insider’s Guide To CPA Marketing Profits – Quickstart

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Thoughts on Google Buzz?

I think Google Buzz allows you to make way more meaningful connections with people as opposed to something like Twitter where you’re just getting “followers” who aren’t really paying attention (how can they when the dashboard is always full of posts and the posts are limited to 140 characters.) Not to mention most of these followers were likely generated / auto-followed by Bots anyway!

Don’t get me wrong, reading about what you ate for lunch or other random thoughts are cool in some respects, but if you want to make better connections and share content and engage your audience in a more meaningful way, I think Buzz is the way to go – nevermind the amazing interface with gmail, google reader, google wave and integration with your mobile device… Read more of Thoughts on Google Buzz?

Google Buzz – Is This the Next New Thing?

Google Buzz: What, Where, When, Why and How

So with the plethora of social media sites and mounds of garbage that is coming out trying to monetize those sources, it’s hard to separate the good and the bad. How many “followers” do you have in Twitter? Do they even care what you’re saying? There’s a definite difference between a “follower” and a friend. All this stuff can be automated and all these folks with tens of thousands of followers got those because of some piece of software – not from creating REAL relationships with them. THAT is where the value is in your follower list.

This is where Google Buzz comes in – it allows you to really filter the noise and only get exposed to people… Read more of Google Buzz - Is This the Next New Thing?

Matt Carter Reviews Features of New Google Tool

Was browsing around the web-o-sphere today and if you haven’t already seen it, check out this this useful post by Matt Carter about Google’s new keyword tool. To some of us, it’s not *that* new as it’s already been available. Here’s his post on Mark Ling’s Affilorama blog and you can follow Matt’s detailed overview including his screen shots. Lots of good useful information on how to leverage the new features of the new tool for keyword and market research. Check it out!


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