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Affiliate and CPM Blog?

Affiliate and CPM Blog?


I read about CPM, cost per thousand.
I understand that you will get paid every 1,000 visits in my blog with this ad.
If I want to apply for this type of ad, do I have to first do like an interview or evaluation?
Ex) Do I have to give my Blog URL and show them which space I'm going to put their ad?They determine/change the price by the number of access on my blog… Read more of Affiliate and CPM Blog?

CPA Marketing

There is a new craze in the internet marketing world. It is called CPA Marketing.

CPA stands for cost per action. In affiliate marketing, you need to actually sell the merchant’s product in order to earn a commission. In CPA marketing, you are getting paid by the lead. All you need to do is get a customer to the sales page and get them to submit some information, and you are paid a commission. Basically… Read more of CPA Marketing

What online business should I run?

What online business should I run?

I am looking into starting an online business. My previous 9-5 job has been making me 6 figures ($100,000) and up per year. However, I would like to quit my 9-5 job. I hear some affiliate marketers online make 1 million dollars and more a year! I would really like to start an online business that could make me six or more figures a year. I know you cant get rich… Read more of What online business should I run?

YouTube – Cpa Marketing-Magic Bullet $14121.97 Per Day? Are You …

Affiliate Marketing

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