Affiliate BlackBook

“X” is dropping Affiliate BlackBook as his follow up to the infamous Blackbook DVD’s (which were incredible BTW)

He shows all sorts of devious PPC tricks and tactics that I can’t wait to implement – especially as part of the GCD 2.0 crowd 😉

Anyway, for those of you that didn’t manage to get into the wild cirus ride that was GCD yesterday, X will reveal within his new book how you can still uncover your competitor’s ad campaign details including bid prices, the ad’s ctr, what keywords and much more.

He’s got a tool that helped him literally double his sales vs a competitor with the exact same traffic (it’s not about traffic, it’s about conversions baby!) and what he teaches about converting visitors to your landing pages is nothing short of revolutionary.

You’ll all learn how to use urgency as a powerful method to get your visitors to TAKE ACTION instead of hitting the back button, what kind of landing page is required and how to make it so that Google doesn’t slap you silly – Even if it IS in fact a lead capture / opt-in page – and you’ll be able to literally steal traffic from other affiliates to build your own list in your own niche : for free.

As a customer of a few of X’s products and recommendations, he’s been a tremendous help and actually answers his emails when you write to him (unlike 80% of the other people I’ve promoted or purchased products from – WTF?!)

In my opinion, X is one of the most knowledgeable (and sinister) authorities on the Adwords system bar none – some of his other products include:

Adwords Blackbook
Adwords Blackbook DVD’s
Wordpress Membership site system
Money Map X.

The Affiliate Blackbook will sell at $147 for the first 500 people that will buy the product, then the price will increase to $197. In addition to the Affiliate Blackbook, he’s also including PPC Scare Tactics (which sells for $97 on it’s own) for free as a bonus – wicked!

Not only that, X stands behind the Affiliate Blackbook and his giving a full 100% guarantee for 365 days.

Here’s the link to X’s official site:

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