AffiloBluePrint Preview To Launch!

The Internet Marketing community at large is eagerly awaiting Mark Ling’s latest educational product
called AffiloBluePrint.

It’s not often that I’m impressed by the quality and value that I gain by yet another internet marketing product launch, but Mark’s blue print course is actually very good.

AffiloBluePrint Official Site

In the private members area, he holds your hand and walks you step-by-step through how to build a website that will make over $500 a week / $2000 a month (not bad for a residual side-income!). The course doesn’t just teach you the theory, he teaches you by starting from scratch with absolutely nothing and building a $500/wk website in front of your eyes through video tutorials.

You get to see him perform every aspect of building this website, from the niche research and keyword investigation, to building the actual website, to promoting the site and getting a high ranking in Google, how to drive traffic with pay per click tips, and a lot more juicy tidbits.

And there are some SUPER early mover bonuses, they are so good and limited that I don’t want to waste your time reading this email, go to the following link to find out all about them (they are only for the first handful of customers, so check it out before they are gone):

AffiloBluePrint Official Blog

Mark has said that he is keeping the doors open to AffiloBlueprint for 5 days (starting Nov.20). Then he will close the doors so that he can focus on his new customers over the Christmas and New Year period.

Jump on this link now and make the choice for yourself!

AffiloBluePrint Official Site

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