Balancing Work And Play

People have often asked why I used the domain “” for my affiliate / internet marketing exploits. Quite simply, I train for triathlons and became an “Ironman” in 2005 (Ironman Distance Triathlons involve a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile Bike and 26.2 mile run – yes, all in the same day). Anyway, in training for long course triathlon, it obviously requires a lot of time, dedication, motivation, commitment, etc. Many of these elements are ALSO required as an affiliate / online marketer. In addition, BALANCE of your daily life is key. How many online gurus look like the walking dead in their promo videos? It’s like they haven’t seen the light of day for months (which in many case, is 100% true)

Just as in endurance sports training, you do not see any results by training for 1 week or 2 weeks or even any real material gain until at least 8 to 10 weeks (of course this is all relatively speaking) – same applies for your online biz. Don’t expect to make millions within the first month of being online – it aint gonna happen.

I’ve launched a few businesses, some in the real world, others completely online. Some have been successful, others have been complete abysmal failures – but I still kept going and never gave up. I had this same attitude when I decided to do the Ironman Triathlon back in 2005 – I couldn’t swim. Considering you have to swim 2.4 miles to START your day of the race, this is a pretty big obstacle to overcome. Unlike in the online world – where if you don’t know html or php, you can at least learn how to do that stuff without the risk of dying 😉

In any case, I apply a lot of the same philosophies to my online business ventures that I do in training for Ironman. Slow and steady, one day at a time and above all else – be consistant. I’ll admit that now that I’m back “on the program” for training for Ironman 2010, my priorities and focus are shifting a little bit more towards my fitness as opposed to sitting in front of the computer – but the underlying motivation to be successful with my online efforts is still there – perhaps even more so.

What is great is, I am even integrating portions of my affiliate business with my triathlon training (I am the founder of, an online triathlon apparel and accessories store as well as which is my triathlon training blog. They say that you should launch niche businesses in markets that you are familiar with and enjoy, and I am happy to say that I was able to do just that.

So having said all that, if you find you’re lacking some motivation or your online biz hasn’t taken off like you thought it would, don’t despair – you might just need a little spark to revive that competitive fire under your seat to get back on track. Treat your business like a 6 month or 1 year “training plan” – each week builds upon the previous one and at the end, you’ll feel way better than when you started and crossing that proverbial finish line will be that much more rewarding.


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