Black Hat Is Back 2

Some are a little “afraid” or “scared” of Black Hat SEO methods, but Howie Schwartz is back with his “Black Hat is Back 2” video series.

This has got to be one of the most controversial marketing videos I’ve ever seen…

Black Hatter Howie Schwartz just put up this clip of a bunch of pretty upset marketers whining and crying about how he stole their niche markets and sent them to the poor house!


==> Black Hat Is Back 2

There is a moral to the whole story, and that is “don’t let Google eat your lunch”. Your competitors are not playing fair and aren’t afraid of the “Dark Side”. You’ll also discover some pretty EVIL things Howie does to make Google cry like a baby. Some people may consider Black Hat techniques “bad” – so you will have to decide for yourself.

It’s not at all nice or friendly, but in todays economy it’s what WORKS.

==> Black Hat Is Back 2

PS- Although the video is edited, you will want to SHUT your door before watching the marketing insanity

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