Proof Black Hat is Back 2 Methods Work!

Well, the proof is definitely in the pudding… if you were to enter the broad match keyword of Black Hat Is Back 2 into Google right now, you’ll see that my entry is #1 out of 11.6 million results (see picture within post) ** News Update – Feb.18th – Ranked #1 & #2 with an indented listing in most countries for the term ABOVE Howie’s official site!! (plus a few of my other web 2.0 sites are ranking within top 10 as well 😉

Some people will argue that’s an inflated and bloated number since it’s not being entered as an exact match within quotes, but who cares – how many people do you know enter in search terms using the quotes?

In any case, the methods that Howie uses – no matter how evil and sinister etc etc you want to make them to be are not really that evil and sinister! They just happen to be AGGRESSIVE link building strategies which utilize readily available web 2.0 properties to drive traffic. There’s no cloaking, there’s no hidden text, there’s no crazy shenanigans, just some ingenious ways to interlink your pages and websites using the hottest web 2.0 properties.

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Let’s face it, real black hat SEO involves some pretty underhanded stuff which I don’t exactly recommend – cloaking is a definite no no and some of the other traditional black hat techniques will very likely sandbox your website. What this is doing, is simple getting backlinks to your pages using some of the most popular web 2.0 sites and tracking which of those social media properties are getting the most love right NOW, and using that to your advantage. Is that cheating? It’s no more cheating than creating a squidoo lens or a facebook profile and linking some anchor text to your website. EVERYBODY does this and by it’s raw definition, that could be considered Black Hat SEO because you are “manipulating” the content to create backlinks to your own website. Bookmarking your own website in a social bookmarking site could therefore be considered Black Hat when you really think about it.

Whether you want to accept it or not, people are stealing your market share if you aren’t one of the first movers into this game. SEO has become all out war in many markets and unless you stake your claim now and start building your incoming links, you’re going to be in for a world of hurt in a few years when you’ll NEVER be able to create more incoming links than your competitor(s) because they’re already ahead of you in the “race”. This isn’t some fluffy “the tortoise beats the hare” feel good story, it’s a downright battle and you gotta stake your claim now before it’s too late!

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