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SEO Link Pro – Available Now!

SEO Link Pro ?
16 hours a day, 7 days a week for over 3 months to be exact in creating this tool for ultimate backlink domination… First there was Howie Schwartz’s Bookmark Generation 2.0, but something is coming out that’s even better… and it’s not the obvious product I’m mentioning here – you think I’m giving up my secrets THAT easily?


This time they haven’t just created a small but powerful tool to help automate generation of those much needed links – and you’re hearing about it first on Subscribe to the right and I’ll keep you posted on the developments as I hear right from the horse’s mouth.… Read more of SEO Link Pro - Available Now!

Proof Black Hat is Back 2 Methods Work!

Well, the proof is definitely in the pudding… if you were to enter the broad match keyword of Black Hat Is Back 2 into Google right now, you’ll see that my entry is #1 out of 11.6 million results (see picture within post) ** News Update – Feb.18th – Ranked #1 & #2 with an indented listing in most countries for the term ABOVE Howie’s official site!! (plus a few of my other web 2.0 sites are ranking within top 10 as well ūüėČ

Some people will argue that’s an inflated and bloated number since it’s not being entered as an exact match within quotes, but who cares – how many people do you know enter in search terms using the quotes?

In any case, the methods that Howie uses – no matter how evil and sinister etc etc you want to make them to be are not really that evil and sinister! They just happen to be AGGRESSIVE link building strategies which utilize readily available web 2.0 properties to drive traffic. There’s no cloaking, there’s no hidden text, there’s no crazy shenanigans, just some ingenious ways to interlink your pages and websites using the hottest web 2.0 properties.… Read more of Proof Black Hat is Back 2 Methods Work!

Black Hat Is Back 2

Some are a little “afraid” or “scared” of Black Hat SEO methods, but Howie Schwartz is back with his “Black Hat is Back 2” video series.

This has got to be one of the most controversial marketing videos I’ve ever seen…

Black Hatter Howie Schwartz just put up this clip of a bunch of pretty upset marketers whining and crying about how he stole their niche markets and sent them to the poor house!


==> Black Hat Is Back 2

There is a moral to the whole story, and that is “don’t let Google eat your lunch”. Your competitors are not playing fair and aren’t afraid of the “Dark Side”. You’ll also discover… Read more of Black Hat Is Back 2

Black Hat Is Back

Howie Schwartz has just released his Blackhat¬†Is Back¬†product and it is FULL of eye opening information.¬† The premise of the material contained in his product is simple – find the best products online and sell¬†to this¬†market exactly what they’re starving to buy without any guesswork!¬† The techniques are indeed black hat, but some could argue that most internet marketers are essentially implementing SOME sort of black or gray hat type of tactic to boost search engine rankings.¬† In the true definition of black hat, ANYTHING you do beyond just sticking up a website and hoping for the best could be considered as such.¬† If you are trying to build links by posting articles linking to your site, if you’re creating multiple blogs… Read more of Black Hat Is Back