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Auto Content Cash / ACC System

The HIGHLY anticipated Auto Content Cash system has launched which revolutionizes the time and effort you’ll have to spend building sites, getting them ranked, and generating a passive income in niche markets…

If you haven’t headed over there yet, I highly recommend you do so

Niche Blueprint Review & Relaunch

Just a really quick post today but it’s VERY important so read it through extremely carefully…

Unless you were residing under a rock in January this year, you’ll most likely recall the buzz sorrounding a course called “Niche Blueprint”…

==> Niche Blueprint Re-Launch

Niche Blueprint Review

Over the last couple weeks, I’ve been following what Steve is teaching within the Niche Blueprint system. The great thing about their course is they are releasing each module spread out over time as opposed to dumping the whole thing your lap and just assuming you’ll follow along. Using the “delayed delivery” approach, they can assess where people are having questions and adapt the next module to answer those specific questions or revisit the previous module to fill in the gaps – it’s brilliant and something most other ‘blueprints’ aren’t doing.

At this point of the Niche BluePrint course, they’re up to module 5. The previous sections covered are listed below.… Read more of Niche Blueprint Review

Niche BluePrint Launch Update

Just a quick update on the Niche Blueprint launch…

The site went live 6 hours ago now and the conversions were totally insane!

Basically they had no idea how fast this would sell and they are in the process of shutting it down at midnight tonight.    So many people have bought the product that they have hired 4 more people to help with the support and helpdesk which says a lot of about Steve and Tim and how they run their business and treat their customers. 

I heard a few people had a little bit of trouble getting in during the first hour and we want to give them another chance so they have left the site accepting orders until tonight.

However, if you don’t choose to take… Read more of Niche BluePrint Launch Update