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The Smartest Guy on the Net – Tavis Yeung

So “The Smartest Guy on the Internet” joke is STILL running strong with a bunch of new players entering the game I started back in 2009.   Let’s be clear, I’m OBVIOUSLY not the smartest guy on the net!   I may be a little clever, I may know a thing or two about Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing, but I can assure you there are legions of coders and web-geeks out there who are a helluva lot smarter than me!

A little background on the “experiment”.  A couple years ago, there were a few marketing “gurus” online who thought it would be cool to rank for “coolest guy on the planet”… It was an experiment to demonstrate how Google ranking algorithms worked – theoretically – and show that… Read more of The Smartest Guy on the Net - Tavis Yeung

Smartest Guy on the Internet – Still?

Is Tavis still the Smartest Guy on the Internet?

Well, this has definitely been a fun “experiment” that I started about 2 years ago with a simple blog post about being the “smartest guy on the web“.

Seriously, there are a heck of a lot more people that are WAY smarter than me, and the entire point of the “experiment” was to just show that it’s not that difficult to rank in the Google search engine results for keyword terms depending on the level of competition. Back in 2009, there weren’t a lot of sites or consultants or weekend warrior SEO hacks that bothered *trying* to rank for the term “Smartest Guy on the Internet“, so it was pretty easy. Now it seems there are numerous other… Read more of Smartest Guy on the Internet - Still?

Bigger Nerd Than You

Just for the sake of argument, I thought I’d drop a quick post in this particular blog about being a being a bigger nerd than you or for that matter, pretty much anyone else I know.

I did a quick Facebook post about 10 minutes ago and am now timing how long it takes for this term to get indexed and ranked by the mighty Google (update, it took 6 minutes from posting this and after 2 days, I’m now #1 in all Google regions as being a “bigger nerd than you). For those of you that have stumbled on this blog, I’ve been ranked #1 (as well as #2) as the “smartest guy on the web” since last January. How? or perhaps more appropriately – WHY?… Read more of Bigger Nerd Than You

Search Ranking Factors

I’ve been asked a few times from subscribers and in a couple forums what are the “most important” factors to consider when trying to rank for any particular keyphrases. I’ve demonstrated with this blog that with a little bit of work and common sense, it’s not *that* hard to rank for even fairly competitive terms. Don’t let the “10,000,000” competing pages fool you! Chances are, 99% of them aren’t fully optimized and can be easily outdone in the search engine ranking battlefield…

Here’s a top 10 list as compiled by 37 of the world’s authorities on search engine optimization

1. Keyword Use In Title Tags
The title tag is probably the single most important HTML tag, not only because Google considers it to be a very important ranking factor, but also because Google uses the title tag text to create the listing’s heading (the blue link) on the search results. It is therefore equivalent to the headline of an ad inciting searchers to visit the site. … Read more of Search Ranking Factors