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Social Kickstart

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Social Kickstart provides serious marketers with everything they need to create amazing campaigns from a single location. From market research, to insight gathering, to ad management – the days of clicking through countless individual pages is over.

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Twitter Experiencing Denial Of Service Attack

** This is from twitter status updates:

Ongoing denial-of-service attack 2 hours ago

We are defending against a denial-of-service attack, and will update status again shortly.

Update: the site is back up, but we are continuing to defend against and recover from this attack.

Update (9:46a): As we recover, users will experience some longer load times and slowness. This includes timeouts to API clients. We’re working to get back to 100% as quickly as we can… Read more of Twitter Experiencing Denial Of Service Attack

Howie Is Inviting You To His Pool Party !

Did you know that Google loves to rank Web 2 properties on page one many times overnight…

Come Join The Pool Party!

My friend Howie just put out a NEW PDF revealing SIX new Web 2.0 sites that Google loves to rank.

The cool part is they are not well known by the masses and you can use them to rank almost instantly

Howies Pool Party

Even cooler, you can keep your wallet in your pants because he’s giving it all away.

Warning though, he said he’s taking the PDF down in the next day so you need to hurry…

Get The Pool Party Document

PS – New Web 2.0 properties! It doesn’t get much better then this… Read more of Howie Is Inviting You To His Pool Party !

Social Media Marketing – Perry Belcher

Came across a VERY interesting article relating to the recent launch of Perry Belcher’s latest product – Social Media Money System.

Read The Article Here

After checking out the credentials of Darren Monroe (the author if the above article), I picked up his Twitter product for $59 (*note – Perry’s full social media system which Twitter is a large component was being sold for $997+ in a big launch last week) Darren Monroe Twitter Program

Based on the due diligence I performed when looking at a bunch products out there re: social marketing / leveraging twitter, I personally chose to pick up Darren’s. As of last Friday, I had 56 followers and had no idea what the heck I was doing when it came to… Read more of Social Media Marketing - Perry Belcher