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Ok folks, I’m on the fence about this new chat to text application for FaceBook but it’s worth mentioning considering the STAGGERING amount of traffic that social site commands on a daily basis (Has likely crushed myspace in terms of daily unique visits and time spent per visit). Two brilliant dudes out of Florida have created a new application which enhances the ability for users to connect with people directly from their facebook app to their friends via SMS or text messages to their handheld device. Whether or not this is actually useful remains to be seen, but the target demographic is obviously for those who live and die by what they stick on their facebook profiles. Considering I log into facebook maybe once or twice a month (maybe more now that I’m developing apps for facebook myself), it doesn’t necessarily appeal to me, but the monetization model behind it is nothing short of brilliant and despite it’s MLM like structure, it is definitely one of those cool facebook apps that have developers salivating considering the earning potential.

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Why? Well, if you have have any idea of the amount of traffic facebook generates and the amount of money advertisers and marketers are able to pull monetizing this traffic – it’s pretty much obvious. Now if you have no idea what CPA marketing is or PPC or what the lead generation business is worth as a whole, this may not turn your crank at all, but let’s put it into laymen’s terms. Imagine that you now have a way to monetize all the messages that your friends are sending on a daily basis between themselves and their friends and had a way to make a couple bucks from each of your friends a month if they installed the app? Does it sound kind of shady? Well, think about everytime to you text message your friends now, either you have a text messaging plan that YOU had to pay for anyway which allows you to text, or your friends may have to pay to receive that message – but who is making the money when that happens? The CELL CARRIER – not you. In this case, in a roundabout way, you actually have a way to make a few bucks BACK when people you’ve invited to install the app decide to message their friends or even yourself. For giving people the “opportunity” to text you while you’re away from your computer directly from their facebook profile is kinda cool (could become annoying but the app does have privacy and scheduling features), you invite your friends to install the app and you make a couple bucks. How many people will install the app? Who knows, but at least this app is more useful than “throwing snowballs” or whatever those other useless apps allow you to do!

Anyway, check out the video below if you want and decide for yourself – I guarantee TONS of people will eat this stuff up.


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