Exit Popup Script

Do those annoying Exit Popup boxes work?

Well, although I haven’t implemented them on this particular blog (yet), according to all the stats I’ve read and just the sheer simple logic behind them, it’s hard to argue that Exit Popups will in fact convert a large share of your visitors without ANY additional effort on  your part.  If you have a website or blog or an adsense site or a PPC landing page or Squeeze page, etc etc etc – just think how many of your visitors (that you worked so hard to get to land on your page) are just clicking the back button – poof!   GONE! – probably never to be seen again.  However, if you present to them something very compelling at this point of exit – be it a bonus offer, free eBook, some sort of incentive for subscribing, etc etc – the chances are pretty good that they will at least take a few seconds to consider reading on.  If not, the visitor was probably a total tire-kicker/non-buyer anyway so it’s probably good they’re not taking any action and out of your hair forever.

Check out the following short video:


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