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Can we be absolutely clear on something?  I don’t care what any guru tells you or how great their sales page may be – but I can 100% guarantee you that no marketing / make money online product, software, ebook or membership, will auto-magically earn you cash by itself without YOU putting in the work…

YES – believe it or not, YOU have to do the work YOURSELF – {promotion~sales} {emails~websites~letters~blogs} love to give the {illusion~impression} that a product will do {everything~something} FOR you but unless you’re willing to MAKE IT happen yourself – absolutely no tool is going to do that for you by itself.   {Are we clear on that?~Hope we’re clear on that!} 

I {believe~expect~understand} that this product from Andrew Hansen which has been on the market since May of 2008 called Firepow definitely fits this {description~category}.  {In particular~Particularly} because it is indeed a suite of software that does automate certain tasks, it does have the connotation that it will do certain things FOR you… {automatically~by itself}.  So don’t fall for this or any other piece of software that claims to do the same – whatever you read, remember that YOU will actually have work to do and if you’re not ready to do that then this product or any other {will not~won’t} help you… {period~enough said}.

{Ok~Phew}, now that {I’ve finished venting~that’s out of my system}, {let’s~we can} continue.

{The Pro’s for~What does seem good} about Firepow {at this point~so far} is that it combines the {functions~functionality} of various {pieces of separate~individual} software into one {interface~’machine’} so to speak – which {at the end of the day, is purely a matter of convenience~only for the sake of nothing else but convenience}, makes it a good thing.  {The less stuff jammed onto~Less programs on} my computer, less icons and general things to think about, and {ultimately~hopefully~ideally} less to do.

The {elements~things} it {joins together~combines} are the tasks of creating, marketing and managing your group of niche blog sites – whether you have {one, or a ton of them~1 or 1000}.

It {performs these functions~does these things} {by utilizing~with the use of} WordPress plugins, and features inside a central {“control panel”~software~”control centre”}, where you can {manage~view or edit} any of your {various~network of} blog sites – another big convenience factor.

The plugins are {a combination of~both a list compiled from} existing plugins on the {web~internet} and those created {custom for~specially by} Andrew himself.

It’s these {brand new~unique~fresh meat~customized~one-of-a-kind} plugins that seem to be the big selling point as FirePow {conveys~promises} {results~effects} like {hi-jacking~stealing} viral traffic, {increasing~multiplying} your content {exponentially~automatically}, {as well as~and} {providing~giving} the site owner the capacity to get in touch with other site owners for extra leverage.

{Apparently~Supposedly} it does everything from create your site (content too) to {drive~encourage organic~get you} traffic and beyond – a {tall order~difficult promise} for any program and I guess we’ll see whether it delivers.  ** editors note, the blog IS in fact on the FirePow platform.

Most of us know that {micro-niche~niche} blogging with WordPress works but really just haven’t {put it all together~connected the dots} fully yet.  If {you find yourself in the same boat~that’s you} – Firepow may be worth a look. 

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