Google Cash Detective 2

Google Cash and Direct Linking is Back!

Back in 2003, Chris Carpenter wrote an ebook called Google Cash. Surely, you’ve heard of it. In 87 pages, he revolutionized affiliate
marketing by proving that you could put an affiliate link DIRECTLY into an Adwords ad and make crazy commissions without a website or product.

Chris kept spreading the word, but by 2005 the Google Slap had people saying that direct linking was dead. His so called “Work At Home Opportunity” was updated by his competitors and most of the hot shot gurus laughed at his “old school” direct linking techniques.

I must admit – even I grimaced when I heard he was still doing direct linking with Adwords. I thought, “That is sooooo 2003!”

But … I feel a little silly now. In fact, we all should …

Google Cash Detective 2

Chris just showed me a private video where he reveals thousands of Clickbank direct linking campaigns – that are INSANELY profitable!

Over 26,000 of them to be precise!

If you think that direct linking is dead, you are DEAD wrong, and this video proves it without a doubt.

Check out the video HERE

What stunned me even more was that Chris has been quietly making HUGE sums of money for years, with the easiest form of affiliate marketing known to mankind…

Yeah – you guessed it. DIRECT Linking!

All this time, he’s been showing everyone how to do it, and he’s still churning out $30,000 a month on autopilot..

I’d put landing pages on the back burner and go for the easy affiliate money. After you watch this video, you will get back on track to direct linking your way to a fortune!

And to think of all the people that said direct linking was dead…

I guess the sky really wasn’t falling.

Anyway – Chris just made his video public. He has some new cloud computing software called the Detective, and it basically reveals *everything* about profitable PPC campaigns.

You can see it HERE

I’m down right excited about Pay Per Click again because Affiliate Marketing just became a whole lot easier.

In fact, it’s kind of like back in 2003, when direct linking was insanely profitable.

Funny thing is … it was always insanely profitable, and now it’s ten times easier because you aren’t wasting time and money on expensive trail and error.

Anyway – check out his new video. The Detective software helps you to find and clone long-term, successful affiliate marketing
campaigns in just seconds.

Google Cash Detective 2

This is certainly the BEST affiliate marketing video I have seen all year, and there is a LOT to be learned here…

Take it from me … this is going to change the entire PPC and Affiliate Marketing industry …

If you don’t use this information, your competitors will.

P.S. – IMPORTANT: I just watched his next private video. He gives
it away free if you join his pre-launch list. It’s even better than the
first video because he shows you how to lower click costs AND
clone the most successful campaigns in just seconds.

Direct linking is NOT dead in 2009.

Most of the gurus were simply WRONG!

See for yourself!

Google Cash Detective 2 Video

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