Google Conquest – Nearing Launch…

When blogs first came onto the internet scene a few years ago, they were basically considered nothing more than just another unsophisticated avenue for people to express their gripes, rants, and general complaints to the world. However, soon the smart people (like us savvy marketers who have followed Alex’s lead) have recognized the use of blogs as the premier channel of internet marketing – whether you are focussing on branding, selling, promoting, etc. Google and the other major search engines LOVE blogs. Actually, let me rephrase, Google loves how blogs can be optimally structured to provide relevant on-topic information when built properly. This is a key factor in what the Google Conquest blogging platform can do, coupled with the fact it automates the optimization and promotion part which are essential to the lifeblood of your blog which is TRAFFIC.

Having said that, blogs have taken over a majority of first page rankings in THOUSANDS of markets. In fact, any sites that you visit could very well be a blog, but not look like the traditional wordpress blog (using wordpress as an example). They have become sophisticated in look and feel, and have become a very powerful way to market a variety of products and services. There are literally thousands and thousands of markets which are absolutely ripe for the taking by creating a properly SEO’d blog and having it rank not just on the first page of Google, but in position #1. The best part of blogging is, with tools such as Google Conquest, they are SO EASY to maintain. You write your article or post, hit publish and voila, your content is available for the world to see – properly formatted, keywords and tag optimized, and with a plethora of ways to integrate videos and pictures and sound and numerous other widgets with the click of a button. No need to figure out complex HTML or PHP and AJAX, and DreamWeaver etc etc etc.

Another main feature of a blog is its ability to syndicate your content using RSS feeds (really simple syndication). RSS Feeds are essentially a way of distributing / circulating / announcing your newly produced content to potentially THOUSANDS of other blogs or websites which are “listening” for RSS Feeds based on your topic – again, another component in the google conquest system that automates this tedious promotion process.

Just think, using Alex’s Blogging System, you could literally create a blog from scratch, populate it with content that you didn’t even write, monetize it with Google Adsense Ads or Amazon Products or Clickbank Products, announce it’s RSS feed to the world, and within 10 minutes, have traffic coming to your site… Too good to be true?  It’s not, and it’s here… NOW.

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