Google Conquest

Alex Goad of Affiliate Payload Fame is about to release his revolutionary flagship product called “Google Conquest” – a one-stop-shop niche blogging solution to affiliate promotion & marketing using WordPress Blogs.

Alex has published {many~a few} top selling affliate products that have helped {start~get} my {affiliate~internet} marketing career and {needless~suffice} to say, any material he {teaches~covers} {actually ~really} works!  (unlike half of the garbage that is out there).  With one obvious {warning~caveat~disclaimer}, you have to take the intiative in order to {succeed~make it work~benefit}.  You’d think this is common sense as is {essentially~basically~pretty much} like everything else in life if you want to be anything above “the average joe”.  If you were to just read a book about {finishing~completing} an IronMan triathlon, it is {very~highly} unlikely you’d cross the finish line by {just~simply} reading it, you actually have to put in the time and the dedication to training and do all the {basic~core~fundamental} {steps~processes~things} to get you there.  I treat internet marketing with the exact same {state of mind~methodology~process} – read the materials, absorb it, and most importantly – {implement~take action}!

The premise behind Google Conquest is {this~as follows}:

  • {Niche Research~Micro-niching} {quickly~rapidly~effortlessly~at the speed of light}
  • Create {super~ultra~uber} targeted, {extra~mega~super} specific blogs full of content
    (images and videos, your adsense blocks and affiliate links)

Another aspect of the system is a syndication system (in the form of a private blog network) that not only allows you to grab {established~solid~authoritative}, high PR links from various {related~high-quality~topic specific} sites, it also gives you the {ability~option} of having other {bloggers~publishers~content creators} populate your web {site~blog~real estate} with their own unique content… There are {many~tons of~a lot of} new products {being released by~coming out from} various {marketers~gurus~people} that have similar {functions~features} – one major feature being a private blog network to use to promote your own money sites.   EVERYONE is {essentially~teaching~preaching~basically talking} about {locating~finding} affiliate products, creating Google hungry (SEO optimized) WordPress blogs, Squidoo Lenses, Web 2.0 pages, then using RSS submissions to {tell~notify} Google to crawl your site which should {contain~have} a {anchor text~keyword} optimized backlink to your own affiliate link or your money site promoting the offer.   The concept is {very~pretty} {easy~simple}, but just takes a bit of {know-how~elbow grease~time} to implement – once you have it {figured out~down~perfected}, you just {rinse and repeat~replicate the process} over and over and over.

{I’m eager to~We’ll} see what Alex’s {products~system} has {to offer~in store} but if the {popularity~success}  of his last few products is any {indication~indicator}, Google Conquest will {be a sure hit as well~definitely be a hit}.

Book this blog page and you’ll get all the play-by-play commentary of the frenzy before the launch and I’ll share with you my own personal experiences using the product amongst others.

Please check out the following videos here on Alex’s launch blog for more details: GoogleConquest Launch Blog


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