How to Get Approved by CPA Networks

There are a lot of courses and books that have come out in the last two years telling you how to get rich promoting CPA networks, but one of the dirty little secrets is that these are closed networks and you need to get approved before you can run their offers.

In this article, I’ll give you some advice you can use to get approved by CPA programs so you can tap into this lucrative revenue stream.

1) Give them a call

For many programs, you won’t need to do anything beyond picking up the phone and giving them a call. It lets them know you’re a real person and that you have enough ambition to pick up the phone.

Here’s what you do – AFTER you have submitted your application to the network, there will usually be a person to get in touch with. Pick up the phone and give them a call. Just tell them you’d like to get approved into their network and that you’d like to know if there are any other steps you need to take.

In most cases, this will be enough.

2) Get a Referral

I’ve done this for some of my private coaching clients and when I was getting started with CPA, had this done on my behalf. In the world of CPA, as it is in many businesses, the power of a personal referral carries a lot of weight.

Find someone who is already a member in good standing of the CPA network you want to join and ask them to refer you.

Referrals can open doors to closed, private networks that you simply wouldn’t be able to get into any other way. Yes, this does require some networking and getting to know the right people, but I find this to be a lot of fun in the real world since there is typically alcohol involved.

3) Prove It

For some of the biggest and most selective networks, there’s no way around it, you need to prove your ability to generate traffic to offers. If you run into a network like this, go out and prove yourself using the other networks that have already approved you. Then when you have an established track record (60-90 days), go back and reapply and show them you’re the kind of publisher they’re looking for.

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