Jobs in marketing vs accounting?

Jobs in marketing vs accounting?

does anyone have an opinion about getting a job in marketing vs accounting in general in this type of economy for an entry level position? people say that marketing in general is difficult because it is the first department to get cut right now, but it seems like the more interesting job to do. accounting is viewed as safe, so at the moment should i go for an accounting assistant position since i need to be making some money? anyone have any experience in either? how hard is it to switch careers between the both if in a few years i don't end up liking my choice?

the reason i'm asking for opinions is that i like the idea of marketing at the moment even though i don't have much experience in it to turn me off from it right now. i've done internships like low budget commercial production assistant and pr assistant for movie screenings. it was ok. i'm not sure what in marketing i'd want to do, which makes me confused. a friend of a friend knows of an opening in accounting at her company. i always considered accounting as a career, but more as the alternative, not really the main choice, but going for it might be the smart thing to do right now. also my parents prefer accounting and then me becoming a cpa…any opinions?

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