Niche BluePrint Launch Update

Just a quick update on the Niche Blueprint launch…

The site went live 6 hours ago now and the conversions were totally insane!

Basically they had no idea how fast this would sell and they are in the process of shutting it down at midnight tonight.    So many people have bought the product that they have hired 4 more people to help with the support and helpdesk which says a lot of about Steve and Tim and how they run their business and treat their customers. 

I heard a few people had a little bit of trouble getting in during the first hour and we want to give them another chance so they have left the site accepting orders until tonight.

However, if you don’t choose to take part in the 6 week course today, the good news is that they will open again within 2 months and the course will have some great feedback from the initial “charter group”.

If you want to jump on the Niche Blueprint now, just drop by before they take it offline!

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