Niche Blueprint Review

Over the last couple weeks, I’ve been following what Steve is teaching within the Niche Blueprint system. The great thing about their course is they are releasing each module spread out over time as opposed to dumping the whole thing your lap and just assuming you’ll follow along. Using the “delayed delivery” approach, they can assess where people are having questions and adapt the next module to answer those specific questions or revisit the previous module to fill in the gaps – it’s brilliant and something most other ‘blueprints’ aren’t doing.

At this point of the Niche BluePrint course, they’re up to module 5. The previous sections covered are listed below.

Module 1
Basic overview of the Niche Blueprint Course. Pretty self-explanatory and doesn’t need much explanation 😉

Module 2
How to brainstorm, research and identify suitable niches – This is a very important module as Steve demonstrates his method for discovering markets you want to attack and then qualifying those markets by using Market Samurai and benchmarking it against some specific metrics to ensure its worth going after.

Module 3
Another important module as it talks about sourcing products as a result of your brainstorming sessions from module 2. Obviously no sense in finding a great market with juicy keywords to target, but have no access to the products to sell your visitors. The niche blueprint method revolves around creating an online e-commerce store that requires a drop-shipper to distribute your goods – so you have to be able to locate your products at wholesale cost and have them drop-shipped.

Module 4
In my own testing, I’ve found that having your main keyword as your URL isn’t necessarily THAT important – but it IS definitely a “preferred” way of establishing your domain. They talk about creating new domains with the best chance of ranking as well as buying “aged domains” that already relate to your market and have traffic. I learned quite a few things in this module but I’m not sure I’m going to purchase even MORE domains to add to my portfolio. I am still going to continue testing to see if I can simply use my keyword phrases as subfolders off of my main umbrella domain for that market and see what happens – I’ll report my findings through my newsletter 😉

Module 5
They just released this module today and the topic is : “How to set your E-commerce websites up for maximum conversions and sales.” I haven’t gone thru it yet, but I’ll let you know what’s up in a later post.


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