Niche Marketing

Niche marketing is everywhere, from hotels to restaurants to retail. The mistake most people make is to assume that the key element is price, with one example designed to appeal to the more affluent consumer. Niche Marketing can refer to both marketing and business choice. In and of itself, niche marketing refers to finding a segment of the general market for a service or product line. Niche marketing is all about leverage. You are using your niche to leverage your position in the marketplace beyond where you would have been without the niche.

Niche marketing also gives you the added benefit of focusing on what clients you hope to pick up. I have the pleasure of working with The Kirkwood Group, a detroit real estate marketing company on a lot of projects. Niche marketing is a common path to small business success. No large retailer can be all things to all people, and there are always going to be segments of the population whose needs for particular products and/or services are going unmet. Niche marketing is a low risk activity as long as certain essentials are kept in mind.

Niche marketing most often includes maximizing the way search engines work to make sure that your web site gets listed n the first page of the SERP’s from your chosen keywords. Your domain name contributes to getting those first page results. Niche marketing can be difficult, especially if you don’t have a niche market to start with. This free tool will allow you to get the behind the scenes look at Google’s keyword search history. Niche marketing has worked for generations and is even more relevant today as consumers filter out generic marketing messages and seek relevant (local), value-oriented information. And, best of all, when you are ready to retire, you will have a value in your brand that can be transferred to another for compensation.

Niche Marketing ideas are all around us and it is up to the business owner to ensure that the most appropriate Marketing Niche Strategy is employed in the business on a daily basis. Niche Marketing is the perpetual search for changing consumer requirements and the development of products or services too satisfy those new requirements. In effect it is the essence of what business is all about — migrating with customers and treating them as appreciating assets. Niche marketing is all about credibility. As your readers recognize the value of the information content that you provide, they become more open to the idea of buying something from you.

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