Niche BluePrint Course Overview

Niche BluePrint Course Overview

Below you’ll find the full chapter and module headings of the course. For a 4 part video summary, Click HERE!

Modules 1 and 2…
Module 1 – Introduction To The Program…
This will be the introduction to all the materials. They’ll get an overview of each section of Niche Blueprint and how they all fit together. We’ll introduce them to each module, and set the expectations about what they’ll learn and what they should have done by the completion of each.

Goals and deliverables
Understand the purpose of each module of the program
Understand of all the goals and deliverables for each module
Understand where to go for more “intro” training

1 Video
Introduction video explaining how the course will work, how the content will be delivered and just how realistic making money will be using the Niche Blueprint methodologies.

3 PDF’s
A quick start flow chart
Module 1 goal sheet

Module 2 – Choosing Your Niche…
This module will show them a process for brainstorming and researching their niche. They’ll learn how to come up with many ideas for their Niche Blueprint store and how to do quick, but quality market research to determine which ideas they should move forward with. After this module, they will have 3 candidates and 1 top candidate to
begin working on their Niche Blueprint store.

Goals and deliverables
A large list of potential niches to build their Niche Blueprint store around.
A priority list of the top 3 ideas and the one that they will begin to work on

3 Videos
How to brainstorm different markets using a variety of tools that we’ll provide.
Market research techniques to determine which markets and ideas make sense to move forward with.
Other considerations to think about before confirming suitability for ecommerce.

4 PDF’s
Brainstorming resources
Market research process flow and resources
Market research checklist
Module 2 goal sheet

Modules 3 and 4…
Module 3 – Finding The Suppliers And Pricing Your Products…
In this module, they’ll learn how to use DropShip Blueprint and other ways to find sources for the products they are going to sell. In addition, they’ll learn how to best price each of their products.

Goals and deliverables
A list of suppliers for their products
A catalog and pricing sheet for their products

2 Videos
Using our ‘Dropship Blueprint’ service to find suppliers and products to sell.
How to price products and do competitive analysis.

3 PDF’s
Finding products process flow and resources
Pricing products checklist
Module 3 goal sheet

Module 4 – Finding A Domain Name…
This module will show them how to obtain a web site address (domain name / URL).
It will explain the criteria for selection and show you tools to find the best solution.

Goals and deliverables
An understanding of the how’s and why’s of domain name selection
A domain for your first Niche Blueprint store

1 Video
Finding a domain name that’ll be beneficial for branding, SEO and other factors.
2 PDF’s
Finding a domain process flow and resources Module 4 goal sheet

WEEK 3Module 5…
Module 5 – Building Your Niche Blueprint Store…
In this module, they will build their Niche Blueprint store. They’ll learn how to quickly install and configure their Niche Blueprint E-Commerce platform and to set up their catalog and the look of the store.

Goals and deliverables
An understanding of how to implement the Niche Blueprint E-Commerce platform
A payment gateway setup with PayPal
A new logo for their store (quick, cheap, painless, and GREAT quality!)
A toll free number for their store
A complete working Niche Blueprint store with a complete product catalog

8 Videos
Overview of the process.
Setting up a hosting account using our free service.
Installing the Niche Blueprint platform, instructions on how to set up shopping carts and other elements.
Configuring the Niche Blueprint platform.
Setting up your PayPal payment gateway
Setting an effective on-site catalog.
How to create/outsource a store logo.
Other design considerations and techniques to achieve maximum sales and conversions.

5 PDF’s
Installation instructions for the Niche Blueprint platform
Configuration instructions for the Niche Blueprint platform
Configuration checklist
Sample design contest listing
Module 5 goal sheet

Module 6
Module 6 (Part 1) – Traffic, Customers And Cash…
In this module, we’ll show them how to get paying customers to come to their store!
We will use search engine optimization strategies first, to get free traffic and then show how to move into pay per click advertising (if they choose to do so)

Goals and deliverables
Understand the concepts of search engine optimization and other strategies
for free traffic generation
A complete free traffic plan for their Niche Blueprint store

4 Videos
SEO concepts and generating free targeted traffic.
Putting together an effective SEO plan to guarantee first page positions on Google.
Working with shopping portals, featuring your catalog and driving in additional traffic and buyers.
Article marketing traffic secrets

3 PDF’s
Sample SEO plan
List of shopping portals
Module 6 (Part 1) goal sheet

Module 6 (Part 2) and Module 7…
Module 6 – (Part 2) – Optional Paid Traffic
In this module, we’ll show them how to get buyers to come to their store using Pay Per Click and other forms of paid advertising.

Goals and deliverables
Understand the concepts of paid advertising
A complete paid traffic plan for their Niche Blueprint stores
2 Videos
PPC Concepts and conversion secrets.
Implementing a PPC plan to drive targeted traffic and make money fast.

Module 6 (part 2) goal sheet

Module 7 – Running Your Niche Blueprint Store…
Now that their store is up and running, this module will help them understand and plan the things that need to be done on a regular basis to keep their Niche Blueprint store operating profitably.

Goals and deliverables
Understand the regular tasks that keep their Niche Blueprint store operating
A complete plan for regular/recurring tasks. A blueprint for operating their store.

1 Video
Running your Niche Blueprint store including creating a work flow, checking
voice mail, taking orders and interfacing with suppliers.

2 PDF’s
Order processing flow chart
Sample operations plan

Modules 8 and 9…
Module 8 – Outsourcing Secrets…
Once their store is up and running, there are a few options to outsource the day-today
operation. That way, they can have autopilot income and make money when they’re literally just sitting around!

Goals and deliverables
Understand what they can outsource
Understand the different outsourcing models
Introduce outsourcing resources

1 Video
Outsourcing. What you can outsource and how/where to do it effectively and

2 PDF’s
Outsourcing resources
Module 8 checklist

Module 9 – Selling Your Site…
This module will go into detail about selling their website. This is one option for quick cash rather than operating the store.

1 Video
Selling your site for maximum profits and examples of how and where to do this fast.

3 PDF’s
Selling your site resources
Sample auction posting
Module 9 checklist

As you can see, this is a VERY comprehensive course with step-by-step plans and checklists to keep you accountable and on-track to your goals and target milestones! It’s about as pain-by-numbers as you can get.

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