Pay Per Click Formula 2 Course Overview

I emailed Gauher this week and got the ok to reveal the content headings that will be covered in the Pay Per Click Formula 2.0 Course.  Within each individual module is a ton of other juicy info that will be shown during the product launch.

Pay Per Click Formula 2.0 Video & Free Report!!

Here’s a broadstroke overview and be sure to subscribe to my newsletter for more updates on the actual content of each module!  (can’t show it in public unless you’re a PPCF member or a subscriber)

Module 1 – Introduction To CPA Marketing and Traffic Brokering

Module 1a – Market Research and Offer Selection

Module 2 – Keyword Research and Tactics

Module 3 – Silo Site Building

Module 4 – Ad Copy

Module 5 – Google Adwords Search

Module 6 – Google Adwords Content

Module 7 – Google Adwords Placement Targeting

Module 8 – Yahoo Search Marketing

Module 9 – MSN Adcenter

Module 10 – Organic Planting

Module 11 – Keyword Money Magnets

Module 12 – Testing & Tracking

Module 13 – Other PPC Search Engines

Module 14 – Other Advanced Tactics

Module 15 – Regeneration of Lost Traffic

Pay Per Click Formula 2.0 Video & Free Report!!

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