PPC WebSpy – This tool is INSANE

After using the PPC WebSpy tool that Brad Callen has been giving away, I have found some UNBELIEVABLE sets of keywords and some unbelievably STUPID adwords advertisers that are literally throwing money into the toilet with their campaigns. It often amazes me how many people literally have NO FRIGGEN CLUE how to advertise on Google Adwords. Using some nifty adwords spytools, we can uncover what these idiots are doing and PPC WebSpy is definitely one of the more useful tools…

In any case, using this tool just makes it easier for us smart guys to parachute in and literally steal their profitable keywords and launch proven and tested campaigns using keywords that we KNOW are profitable. Now, there are people out there that would argue whether or not the keywords are in fact profitable and the tool doesn’t allow you to extract CTR and quality score averages for the advertisers (I have other tools for that), but it’s *usually* pretty safe to assume that if an advertiser is using a specific keyword for 45 days or more and are appearing in the top 5 positions in adwords, it’s *very likely* the keyword is profitable. PPC WebSpy automatically flags any advertisers’ ads that have been using that keyword for less than 45 days so you don’t get sucked into launching with that keyword and that ad copy.

There are many ad spying tools out there but they typically require you to enter in a bunch of keywords that you have to dig up yourself into the system, then that software will monitor the adwords results over a period of time and crunch the stats. With PPC WebSpy, you can pretty much accomplish this in real time while you are searching and doing your market research – it makes it SO easy. The fact that it’s FREE is pretty darn compelling too so you may as well check it out and add it to your toolbox.

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