PPC Promotion – Don’t Lose Your Shirt by Being a Dork

There is no question that marketing affiliate programs via pay per click can be an extremely lucrative business if you are willing to spend the time and monetary expense to uncover those hidden pockets of cheap traffic.   Through Google Adwords, you can literally set up an account and create an paid search advertising campaign within 10 minutes and showcase your advertisement to millions of people in the world – this is downright brilliant when you think about it!

The tricky thing about PPC promotion is how to do it PROFITABLY.    Thousands and thousands of beginner internet marketers are coming online in droves because of the tremendous marketing push by some of the ad networks as well as internet marketing “gurus” who want to sell you the dream of “killing your day job”.   Is it possible to make a full time living marketing *stuff* via PPC online while sitting at your kitchen table in your underwear?  Well, there are a LOT of marketers out there who claim this is a piece of cake – but that’s how they make their millions – selling you the dream.   Just think of all the product launches that you hear about, it’s always the same guys promoting each others’ stuff and the topic of their latest guide or ebook is of course – how to make money online via PPC promotion.  Don’t be silly enough to think that you can push a button and thousands are going to pour into your bank account – PPC business is tricky, treacherous and COSTLY if you don’t know what you are doing.

Let’s face it, if it was THAT easy, we’d ALL be driving Ferarri’s and have AMEX Black cards – but it’s NOT – I drive a Toyota 4Runner and my AMEX is only platinum, but I digress.   The point is, if you want to become successful as an internet marketer, you need to have a strategy, you need to have a definitive plan with a definite goal in sight.  The target cannot be moving and you need to do one thing (or at least find one thing) that you can focus on consistently for at least 90 days before jumping ship and trying the “next magic button” product that comes out.   How many times have you read some sales copy that says “FINALLY, this is the product you’ve been waiting for to solve all your online marketing problems” – then you buy it, try the methods for a week and then end up buying the next thing that comes out?  I’d say 90% of this market does that if not more – and all the gurus know it, and prey on it.

There are a lot of make money online products out there and in some way, shape or form, ALL of them probably demonstrate methods that do in fact work – but what they don’t talk about is all the failure they likely experienced during the process.   As with anything in life, in order to become successful at it, you have to work at it, and you have to enjoy it or you can’t reasonably expect yourself to continue doing it for years to come.  The great thing about marketing affiliate programs via pay per click is you don’t have to come up with the product and since there are so many affiliate programs out there to choose from, you can at least pick a market that you’re interested in and start the process from there.

If you want to learn more about ppc search engine web marketing and how to become as close to an expert on PPC tracking and optimization, you definitely should check out ths post on Pay Per Click Formula 2.0 by Gauher Chaudry.

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