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SEM Blueprint BoxSteve Clayton and Tim Godfrey, both professional search engine marketing (SEM) experts, have just released their 5 stage business blueprint for dominating your LOCAL search engine marketing efforts. If you haven’t heard of them, they are the guys that released the Commission Blueprint awhile back.

I would imagine this product will contain a lot of material that is going to be based loosely on Howie Schwartz’s Private Apprentice program which was a huge success. These methods are rock solid and have done wonders for my business – for example the recent PPC Bully 2.0 launch.

Basically, the SEM Business Blueprint is a VERY smart way to leverage what is already in your brain as an online marketer and put that to work IMMEDIATELY while you muddle around with all the other things you’re trying to learn (PPC, CPA, selling clickbank products etc etc). This is something that most people in the online marketing space don’t even think about – with what you already know, you can help NUMEROUS businesses in your area… Why spend all your time trying to sell a clickbank eBook using SEO and PPC and God knows what else, when you can charge a local business in your area to do their online marketing for them? (where there will likely be ZERO competition in your area).

The funny thing is, their whole process/blueprint is taught and accomplished assuming you have NO previous experience with internet marketing (you learn from Steve as you follow the blueprint), so they have basically offered a complete turnkey solution and you have no excuse to not earn your first consulting dollar as the “local expert”.

– There is a huge market demand for this.
– The ecomomic downturn actually BENEFITS this type of business.
– You dont need to be an expert in Pay Per Click or Search Engine Optimization.
– You don’t need any addtional investment.
– Between 5 to 10 customers can create a six figure yearly revenue stream

With the plethora of low to zero value products flooding the online marketplace these days, Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey’s reputation and credibility precede themselves, so the SEM Blueprint is sure to be beneficial and contain a lot of actionable information that actually works.

SEM Business Blueprint Video

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