SEOPress Formula 60 Day Challenge

The SEO Press Formula 60 day challenge has officially started and you’re going to get all the juicy details right here on my blog.   I received the first video today in a series of day by day instruction videos from Brian.  Today, the video covers the fundamentals of keyword research and testing market viability.

This Is Make Or Break Marketing Stuff
If you get market and keyword research correct right from the get-go,  you set yourself up with a stronger foundation of success and even screwing up the html, or domain name, or links,  or your spelling won’t affect the outcome as much.

However, if you choose the wrong niche due to poor marketing research, you are pretty much derailed right from day one and your chances of making a buck a day can seem pretty much out of the question.  Understanding what people are searching for, and drilling down and looking for search phrases that are easy to rank for equals the formula for driving traffic and ultimately affiliate commissions or ad clicks!

In essence this is the core of what SEOPressFormula is all about.

I will be posting here as often as possible as I embark on this journey using the SEOPress Formula and will summarize Brian’s videos and methods in my own words for you to implement in your business process.

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