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So “The Smartest Guy on the Internet” joke is STILL running strong with a bunch of new players entering the game I started back in 2009.   Let’s be clear, I’m OBVIOUSLY not the smartest guy on the net!   I may be a little clever, I may know a thing or two about Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing, but I can assure you there are legions of coders and web-geeks out there who are a helluva lot smarter than me!

A little background on the “experiment”.  A couple years ago, there were a few marketing “gurus” online who thought it would be cool to rank for “coolest guy on the planet”… It was an experiment to demonstrate how Google ranking algorithms worked – theoretically – and show that if you knew some fundamental things with on-page SEO and backlinking, you could rank for essentially any low competition keyword phrases on the web (also known as the “low hanging fruit” in the keyword / seo world).   All sorts of peeps entered into the fray and I believe my friend Jon Leger is still the reigning champion for that term.  If you Google it, you’ll see that he – like me – is not trying to be an arrogant idiot, but to just prove that we have some sort of clue as to how search engines rank web-pages.

Ok, so we’ve got the purpose of the ranking out of the way – now what does this all mean in the grand scheme of things?   Well, essentially nothing – but if you are a company that has a product or service that you want to offer online, think about how you are currently reaching your potential customers.  If you were a carpet cleaner in Los Angeles California, wouldn’t you want to rank #1 or at least somewhere in the top 5 results of Google for the term “Carpet Cleaning Services in LA”?   This is what search engine marketing or online marketing is all about.  Just making sure as many eyeballs as possible are seeing your product or service when they are looking  for *whatever* service online – pretty simple right?

Having said that, if you need someone to advise you on all this “web ranking stuff” or to get some help on how this can help you as an individual and/or your business (let’s face it, your name or YOU as an individual will be Googled by someone, somewhere at some point), drop me a note at tav at smartestguyonthenet dot com   (and yes, that is my domain 😉 )


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