The Smartest Guy On The Web – Tavis Yeung?

Is Tavis Yeung the Smartest Guy on the Web?   Who the heck is he and why is he ranked for this term? …

So with all the hoopla these days about search engine optimization and methods to rank your web pages in Google or Yahoo or MSN or on any of the other second tier search engines, is it merely a coincidence that you landed on my page when typing in “Smartest Guy On The Web” ?

My name is Tavis Yeung and although I *certainly* do not profess to be the “smartest guy” by any stretch of the imagination,  I can tell you without hesitation that I do know a thing or two about ranking on the search engines – or in internet jargon – SEO or SEM (search engine marketing).   I work in IT project management and I am also a professional SEO / Online Marketing Consultant – in another words, truly a “propellor head and/or geek” at heart.

Using a very systematic and methodical approach to getting my content (or any content for that matter) indexed and ultimately ranked on the internet,  suffice to say I’ve paid my dues and figured out how this “internet search thing” works.  It has nothing to do with supreme intelligence or selling my soul to the devil, it’s really a very simple thing when you get right down to it.  Google (as an example) is a VERY SMART system,  so if you know how to “play nice” with their algorithm and meet the guidelines they lay out in plain english on their site, then there is a very high likelihood of your website content being ranked highly.   The formula is really simple,  provide high-quality relevant information about whatever topic or product you are trying to communicate or “share” with the world at large, and  if you’re 5% more beneficial or meaningful than your competitor from an information standpoint, you will probably outrank them… simple as that.

Having said all that, this particular blog – the – is basically my “marketing laboratory”  where I test SEO theories and conduct experiments for keyword ranking – and it’s an extension of my consulting site where I advise and help clients gain more exposure on the web via Local Search, Social Media and Mobile Marketing.

In any case,  if you are wondering why your particular website or product isn’t appearing in the top results of the search engines or you need any help with your web site structure and/or how to market your goods or services using the plethora of channels available to you, please don’t hesitate to drop me a note at tyeung at or visit my SEO Consulting website at

Not JUST a geek, but an Ironman Triathlete as well 😉


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