Google Conquest – Nearing Launch…

When blogs first came onto the internet scene a few years ago, they were basically considered nothing more than just another unsophisticated avenue for people to express their gripes, rants, and general complaints to the world. However, soon the smart people (like us savvy marketers who have followed Alex’s lead) have recognized the use of blogs as the premier channel of internet marketing – whether you are focussing on branding, selling, promoting, etc. Google and the other major search engines LOVE blogs. Actually, let me rephrase, Google loves how blogs can be optimally structured to provide relevant on-topic information when built properly. This is a key factor in what the Google Conquest blogging platform can do, coupled with the fact it automates the optimization and promotion part which are… Read more of Google Conquest - Nearing Launch...

Google Conquest Tactic – Proof It Works!

Google Conquest is well-positioned to be one of – if not THE hottest internet marketing releases of 2008 – and it wouldn’t be a stretch if it tops the clickbank charts again like his last 4 products.  If you aren’t using his system, you may as well be blogging with a stone-tablet, hammer and chisel.  Total {niche~market} domination is right at your fingertips and ready for the taking for those who act now ! (Get it NOW)

{…And who the heck am I to talk?~Why do I believe in this product?~Does that sound like a lot of hype?:}

“Google Conquest” Search Result on Google

Proof that the Google Conquest Methods WORK!

Google Conquest

Alex Goad of Affiliate Payload Fame is about to release his revolutionary flagship product called “Google Conquest” – a one-stop-shop niche blogging solution to affiliate promotion & marketing using WordPress Blogs.

Alex has published {many~a few} top selling affliate products that have helped {start~get} my {affiliate~internet} marketing career and {needless~suffice} to say, any material he {teaches~covers} {actually ~really} works!  (unlike half of the garbage that is out there).  With one obvious {warning~caveat~disclaimer}, you have to take the intiative in order to {succeed~make it work~benefit}.  You’d think this is common sense as is {essentially~basically~pretty much} like everything else in life if you want to be anything above “the average joe”.  If you were to just read a book about {finishing~completing} an IronMan triathlon, it is {very~highly} unlikely you’d cross the finish line by {just~simply} reading… Read more of Google Conquest