Blackout Fire Sale!

You need to check out this video and decide for yourself if it’s a Google conspiracy…

>>> Blackout FireSale!

Howie's Blackout Firesale

It’s quite entertaining but there’s also some great stuff to help your marketing as well.

* See, my friend Howie put together a killer PDF revealing 3 new web properties you can use to dominate Google.… Read more of Blackout Fire Sale!

Black Hat Is Back

Howie Schwartz has just released his Blackhat Is Back product and it is FULL of eye opening information.  The premise of the material contained in his product is simple – find the best products online and sell to this market exactly what they’re starving to buy without any guesswork!  The techniques are indeed black hat, but some could argue that most internet marketers are essentially implementing SOME sort of black or gray hat type of tactic to boost search engine rankings.  In the true definition of black hat, ANYTHING you do beyond just sticking up a website and hoping for the best could be considered as such.  If you are trying to build links by posting articles linking to your site, if you’re creating multiple blogs… Read more of Black Hat Is Back