Keyword Elite 2.0 Available to Public – Mastermind Bonus

The long anticipated wait for Brad Callen’s Keyword Elite 2.0 is finally over. Pretty much every guru and their dog is promoting this product right now and the typical onslaught of bonuses are flying around.

I’ve picked it up myself as I had a discount for being a long time keyword elite version 1 user and I’m one of Brad’s testimonial guys for SEO Elite. There’s no argument it’s a great tool but you have to decide whether or not adding yet another tool to your arsenal is going to give you any real gains in productivity. If you DON’T have any other keyword tools and you HAVEN’T ever seen Keyword Elite version 1.0 – this is a no brainer and you should check it out. If you’re… Read more of Keyword Elite 2.0 Available to Public - Mastermind Bonus

Brad Callen To Release Keyword Elite 2.0

By now I’m sure you’ve heard lots about Brad Callen’s new keyword research and keyword generation tool, Keyword Elite.

=> Keyword Elite 2.0

But if not, I wanted to tell you briefly about some of the new features that Brad’s added to the latest update to Keyword Elite.

As if the software wasn’t already extremely powerful, Brad just keeps adding more requested features to it. Anyway, here is a brief list of what the software can do for you:

– Easily generate keyword lists of over 10,000 keywords in a few short minutes

– Allows you to find extremely profitable, high paying Adsense keywords

– Analyzes your PPC competition to find exactly which keywords are making them the most money, as well as… Read more of Brad Callen To Release Keyword Elite 2.0