What is Mobile Marketing?

In the present scenario, most companies and organizations have been focusing mainly on mobile marketing. With different forms of marketing techniques being practiced it is important to focus on mobile marketing too.

The term mobile marketing can talk about two forms of marketing. Yes, the term can either talk about marketing techniques practiced on mobile phones or marketing techniques which require… Read more of What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing – The StomperNet Way

Believe it or not, but one of the top marketing minds behind the marketing machine, “The Secret”, is going to answer all your questions on how to profit from mobile marketing this Tuesday night.

Mobile Marketing Mastery

Dan Hollings has been working on and testing marketing strategies for the Iphone, Blackberry, Android and other mobile devices for quite some time.

He has strategies that nobody has ever seen that can help you dominate your market before any of your competition knows what hit them.

So what is your burning question about how to market yourself or your business on mobile devices?

He is going to share those strategies and answer all your questions Tuesday night at 8pm est.

Simply register with the link… Read more of Mobile Marketing - The StomperNet Way

Mobile marketing isn’t optional any more…

This is an outstanding article about where eCommerce is headed and how the web is converging from desktop to mobile phone… Oh the possiblities…

By Mitch Joel, Vancouver Sun January 16, 2009

A long while back, I made a decision to make the switch from marketing on the Internet to the amazing and unchartered world of mobile. Slowly, the adoption of people using their phones on the go was becoming more commonplace. The devices no longer looked like someone was screaming into a cream-coloured brick, and the idea of sending short text messages via these devices was taking off with a new wave of communications in places like Japan and Korea. It was starting to no longer be frowned upon or considered rude when a telephone was ringing during a romantic dinner at a restaurant. Can you remember the good ole’ days when someone was considered a crazy person if they were seen talking to themselves in a car?… Read more of Mobile marketing isn't optional any more...