PPC to CPA Commission Madness…

How much do you think some of the top CPA marketers are making out there?

Jonathan Van Clute is one of Gauher Chaudry’s protege students -and always so very helpful in the Pay Per Click Formula Forums. Can you imagine getting paid over sixty grand in CPA commissions for building an optin list of tens of thousands of prospects – in LESS THAN 6 WEEKS?!?!? This is one of those Cinderella stories where a guy goes out and tries something with one little secret tactic that almost nobody is doing and makes an unreal amount of CPA commissions. This is the kind of stuff Gauher’s students are able to crank off – not quite the experience I’m having yet, but heading down the right path, after all, you are… Read more of PPC to CPA Commission Madness...

Pay Per Click Formula 2 Course Overview

I emailed Gauher this week and got the ok to reveal the content headings that will be covered in the Pay Per Click Formula 2.0 Course.  Within each individual module is a ton of other juicy info that will be shown during the product launch.

Pay Per Click Formula 2.0 Video & Free Report!!

Here’s a broadstroke overview and be sure to subscribe to my newsletter for more updates on the actual content of each module!  (can’t show it in public unless you’re a PPCF member or a subscriber)… Read more of Pay Per Click Formula 2 Course Overview

Pay Per Click Formula 2.0

Pay Per Click Formula 2.0 is a comprehensive home study course by fellow Canadian Gauher Chaudhry that lays out the entire foundation of his ultra successful traffic brokering business. In a few weeks, he will be launching Pay Per Click Formula 2.0 and it will be one of the most anticipated and definitive paid traffic courses coming onto the market. Gauher shows what has worked for him and has allowed him to consistently earn over $100,000 in affiliate and cost per action commissions – yielding a high five and six figure income per month (likely way more but he doesn’t like to brag about his income) – sound unbelievable? Too much hype? Well whether you want to believe it or not are inconsequential. As of this writing there are over 1,100 members registered in the extremely active (and very helpful) PPCF forum and they are getting farther and farther ahead in this game whether you like it or not! This has been an invaluable pay per click traffic resource for me over the last couple years since picking up Gauher’s original course. This package is a real physical course that arrives in a nice hefty box at your door filled with numerous manuals, CDs, and DVDs all with unique material covering the various topics on paid search marketing.… Read more of Pay Per Click Formula 2.0