Pay Per Click Formula 2 Bonus

Pay Per Click Formula 2.0 Video & Free Report!!

Nothing feels better than doing a couple hours of SEO “magic” and discovering your page(s) is not only ranked on the first page of Google for the broad matched term “pay per click formula 2” in all relevant regions (US, Canada, UK, Australia), but to actually OWN the ENTIRE first page of Google in all regions – with indented listings no less. We’re not talking just #1, but #1 thru #18 (!!) as of Mar.4/2009. That’s basically the ENTIRE FIRST TWO PAGES of Google (yes, I also own Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

So how the hell did I do it?

After the phenomenal success of the digital version earlier in the year, Gauher is about to release the physical “large box landing on your front doorstep with a thud” version. Stay tuned for more details and remember to subscribe to my newsletter on the right. I’ll likely be accepting more members into my VIP mastermind for those that purchase the PPCF 2.0 package and combined with others in a mastermind situation who also practice Gauher’s methods, it’s sure to be a powerful combination – more brains are better than one! In the mastermind, we’ll obviously talk about Gauher’s PPC methods, but I’ll also reveal my SEO process which allows me to dominate the first page of Google on many occasions when I’m promoting affiliate products (this launch being an example – is also my site and my also shows with an indented listing – saweeeet.)… Read more of Pay Per Click Formula 2 Bonus

PPC Promotion – Don’t Lose Your Shirt by Being a Dork

There is no question that marketing affiliate programs via pay per click can be an extremely lucrative business if you are willing to spend the time and monetary expense to uncover those hidden pockets of cheap traffic.   Through Google Adwords, you can literally set up an account and create an paid search advertising campaign within 10 minutes and showcase your advertisement to millions of people in the world – this is downright brilliant when you think about it!

The tricky thing about PPC promotion is how to do it PROFITABLY.    Thousands and thousands of beginner internet marketers are coming online in droves because of the tremendous marketing push by some of the ad networks as well as internet marketing “gurus” who want to sell you the dream of “killing your day job”.   Is it possible to make a full time living marketing *stuff* via PPC online while sitting at your kitchen table in your underwear?  Well, there are a LOT of marketers out there who claim this is a piece of cake – but that’s how they make their millions – selling you the dream.   Just think of all the product launches that you hear about, it’s always the same guys promoting each others’ stuff and the topic of their latest guide or ebook is of course – how to make money online via PPC promotion.  Don’t be silly enough to think that you can push a button and thousands are going to pour into your bank account – PPC business is tricky, treacherous and COSTLY if you don’t know what you are doing.… Read more of PPC Promotion - Don't Lose Your Shirt by Being a Dork