Definitive Guide to Adwords 2010 Edition

Whether you’re brand new at AdWords or 7-year veteran, Perry Marshall’s brand new 2010 Definitive Guide to Google AdWords will decisively advance your game in 2 hours or less.

What’s going on here?

In the words of Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign machine: “It’s the economy, stupid.”

Irresistible, titanic forces are driving people online.

2X as many businesses, 2X as many startups, and 2X more affiliates. You gettin’ the picture?… Read more of Definitive Guide to Adwords 2010 Edition

Arbitrage vs. Alchemy

** Just received this from Perry Marshall – interesting read.

Subscriber Nick Neilson defines the two fundamental approaches to business as:

Arbitrage vs. Alchemy

Arbitrage means: Making the transaction happen a little more efficiently, a little more effectively. Shaving a few or a lot of pennies out of the deal. Getting more traffic for less money, sourcing the product at lower cost. Beating the competition in the apples vs. apples comparison.

Alchemy means: Creating value where none existed before.
Converting low-value commodities into high-value assets.
Turning lead into gold. Transforming desert sand into Pentium chips. Winning by creating an apples vs. oranges comparison.

Arbitrage has its place in the world, but victory ultimately belongs to the alchemists. Arbitragers are ALWAYS watching their back. Alchemists are always looking ahead.

The highest aspiration you can have in business is to be an alchemist.… Read more of Arbitrage vs. Alchemy

The Next Step by Perry Marshall

Further to my previous post about the plethora of garbage being spewed all over the internet, I had to share one of the very few guys that I still listen / subscribe to. Perry Marshall is undoubtedly one of the world’s authorities on PPC and you pretty much have to listen to what he has to say on the pure fundamentals of adwords.   Of course there are some things that he teaches which *some* would disagree with (‘X’ does a great job of explaining WHY in his Affiliate Blackbook – and he’s got a surprise on his page today 😉  but you can’t argue with the fact that Perry’s been very successful with PPC and is still regarded as a world renowned authority.

Having said that, if… Read more of The Next Step by Perry Marshall