Is Google Busted? (Creative Headline huh?)

Then again, maybe it is actually possible that Google is BROKEN!

I just got this on the good word of a close friend
you bad need to read this right now…

Don’t wait go grab the report now
The Perpetual Traffic Report

– Tav

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So does Ryan, and now you can too

Ok, maybe Ryan’s list is not as big as Tigers?

but he has built a list of over 400,000 people that listen to him,,,FAST!
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Social Media Marketing – Perry Belcher

Came across a VERY interesting article relating to the recent launch of Perry Belcher’s latest product – Social Media Money System.

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After checking out the credentials of Darren Monroe (the author if the above article), I picked up his Twitter product for $59 (*note – Perry’s full social media system which Twitter is a large component was being sold for $997+ in a big launch last week) Darren Monroe Twitter Program

Based on the due diligence I performed when looking at a bunch products out there re: social marketing / leveraging twitter, I personally chose to pick up Darren’s. As of last Friday, I had 56 followers and had no idea what the heck I was doing when it came to… Read more of Social Media Marketing - Perry Belcher