Blackout Fire Sale!

You need to check out this video and decide for yourself if it’s a Google conspiracy…

>>> Blackout FireSale!

Howie's Blackout Firesale

It’s quite entertaining but there’s also some great stuff to help your marketing as well.

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Brute Force Linking


That SEO Wild Man from Down-Under, Peter Drew of Brute Force SEO fame is at it again, only this time he’s teamed up with another Marketing Powerhouse, Andrea V. Edwards…

And they’re dragging one of the most effective yet misunderstood traffic generation techniques ever into the ring:

Strategic Power-Linking!

Listen, if you haven’t tricked to the insane Power of Linking yet, you must be living under a ROCK somewhere, but never fear…I’m going to set you straight Right Now.

You can get the Full Story Here: Brute Force Linking, but quick and dirty, here’s the scoop:

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SEO Link Pro ?
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Tavis Explains Search Engine Optimization / SEO

Following up my last post about the “Smartest Guy On The Web” experiment, some people have emailed me and asked what exactly is SEO or search engine optimization – in simple terms.

In a nutshell, it’s basically the process of selecting the most appropriate targeted keyword(s) and keyword phrases related to your product, service, article, promotional offer, etc etc and ensuring that this particular phrase is going to actually appear in the search results when someone searches for your stuff. There’s absolutely no point in having the prettiest/coolest/most colorful/(insert appropriate adjective here) website in the world if nobody is ever going to find you.

**SEO News Flash !**

Looks like Phil Henderson has pretty much revealed EVERYTHING I’ve talked about in their Stupidly Simple SEO search engine optimization guide.

Check it out here: Stupidly Simple SEO