Morgan Stanley Turned to a 15 years old intern to Explain UK Teens and Social Media

Read this great article posted on Darren Monroe’s Blog. Amazing what stuff comes down the pipe via the “twitosphere”… I’m learning a heck of a lot from Darren’s blog and his material on twitter and social media is definitely worth checking out

**from Darren’s Blog:
Here is an example of company with some old fashioned knowledge acquirement know how. The old saying is if it is so simple that even a 4 year old can do it then either learn it quick or run out and get a four year old ASAP. Morgan Stanley took the philosophy to heart as they decided to use a 15 year old to brief them on teens usage of social media in the UK. I think the interesting feedback is about Twitter. The 15 year old young man Matthew Robson, said that Twitter is NOT a favorite of teens in the UK because they rather use their text credits to text in general instead of tweeting.You can read more here about How Teenagers Consume Media: the report that shook the City.
Whats can Online Entrepreneurs learn from this Story?

Two simple words: niche marketing. I know you might be reading that word all of the time but niche marketing involves gathering information from a specific demographic. Morgan Stanley was smart to do this. You must continually focus and leverage niche opportunities. I always strongly advise that my clients partner with experts in any market that they want to build a niche website. If Morgan Stanley could teach online entrepreneurs one thing is to build your partnership network for your niches.… Read more of Morgan Stanley Turned to a 15 years old intern to Explain UK Teens and Social Media

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