The Death of Crap by “X”

This is likely one of the most important posts I will write in this blog (forget cliches, I’m talking this is the real deal). It has completely changed my mindset in this business (from time spent on SEO to most importantly, PPC Tactics and just “mindset” in general) – and it will change YOURS.

It’s likely you’ll never see another blatant pitch for another product ever again from me – just raw, USEFUL information on how to help YOUR business. If something comes along that is worth writing about, I will mention it, but I won’t try to sell you on it – hopefully what you read in my blog will allow you to make that decision for yourself without me trying to sugar coat it and tell you how great it is – there’s SO MUCH useless turd IM products floating around these days, it’s a joke.

Blatantly pitching shit from clickbank for a 30-75% commission is a loser’s game now – I’m not a guru, and I don’t want to be – but I do want to make it that proverbial finish line with a big fat wallet – and I’ve now realized “direct linking” to other people’s crap via this blog or PPC in the hopes of making an affiliate commission is not the true way to build an online business – it’s a PART, but not the whole. How many pitches a day do you get from other marketers promoting OTHER marketers crap? Wouldn’t it make sense that if you bought something from them in the past, they actually took the time to see how/if you were becoming successful with the information you bought from them as opposed to constantly just pitching you more shit?

There’s only 3, maybe 4 people I’ve ever bought stuff from (I talk about them in my newsletter) that actually followed up on my purchase with a genuine interest on how I was doing with THEIR product and continue to add value – and I’ve bought stuff from TONS of people. The NORM in this twisted affiliate marketing world is, all these other so-called gurus sell you something, then apparently they have some sort of mental lapse that you bought a service or “system” from them that they claimed was going to help YOU – however, all they did was follow up with another pitch on yet ANOTHER product. Don’t they give a rat’s ass about the fact they just sold me something for $97 dollars so DON’T pitch me on the next product of the week before I’ve even gone thru your product. Don’t even get me started on “bonuses” – they offer bonuses that sometimes take months to even get – or they completely forget, or their bonus seems to be the priveledge to buy the next piece of crap product from them (?).

I won’t name names openly here, but in my newsletter I’ll talk about some of these idiots that not only have CRAPPY products, but their support is terrible, the “customer experience” was a joke (there was none), and rather than following up on their own system that I actually bought, all they continually do is pitch me on MORE shit from OTHER people – WTF. What is the value-add proposition there?

Anyway, enough of my rant – ‘X’ does it way more eloquently and this guy is the real deal who I intend on learning a lot from. Remember to subscribe to my newsletter on the right and I’ll tell you how I’m now heading down the path to become enlightened… The great thing is, 99.95% of other guys online are doing it WRONG – which it makes it waaaay easier for ME – and eventually YOU if you subscribe.

Affiliate Blackbook by X

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