Welcome to The Iron Marketer Blog for Affiliate Marketing

After successfully completing two Ironman Triathlons over the last couple years, I thought I would start applying the same methods and discipline towards building an online affiliate marketing business.   Through this blog, I’ll talk about the various products I’ve reviewed and will include insights on pay per click marketing, CPA marketing, and generally all the stuff I’m doing in this wild and crazy world of online money making.   Everyone knows that this isn’t easy, so I’m hoping to prove that with a little motivation and discipline, it is possible to be very successful with internet marketing once you learn and more importantly, APPLY everything that you learn to this business.   I will be creating most of my blogs using Andrew Hansen’s FirePow software as well as some tools from PLR Pro.   There are many other tools and resources I use as well for my internet marketing empire and I look forward to sharing my experiences using all of them with you so YOU can then decide if and how you would like to apply them for your own success.  Thank you for stopping by and look forward to sharing stories of our mutual success!  cheers!

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